Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society was established in 1995 by Hong Kong authors and publishers.  It is one of the six licensing bodies registered with the Copyright Licensing Bodies Registry in Hong Kong, granting licences to the public, including but not limited to primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, various government departments, public institutions, commercial organisations, associations, libraries, photocopying shops, to use the copyrighted works of its represented authors and publishers. It represents millions of publications published in Hong Kong and overseas, via its affiliation with the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations.  HKRRLS aims to protect the intellectual property rights of its represented authors and publishers and to raise public awareness of copyright and collective management organisations.

Notice of Change of Society Chinese Name

The Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society is pleased to announce that subsequent to the passing of a special resolution by the Members at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 14 February 2019 approving the Change of the Society Chinese Name, the Certificate of Change of Name was issued by the Registrar of Companies of Hong Kong on 26 February 2019. The English name of the Society will remain unchanged.

Accordingly, the Chinese name of the Society has been changed from 「香港版權影印授權協會有限公司」 to 「香港書刊版權授權協會有限公司」 with
effect from 26 February 2019.