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Overseas Partners

Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society now represents millions of publications published in Hong Kong and overseas, via its affiliation with the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) and through bilateral agreement with over 40 overseas Reproduction Rights organizations (RRO).

HKRRLS hosted IFRRO Asia Pacific Committee’s meeting from 10 -11 May 2018 in Hong Kong There were 32 participants from 14 IFRRO members at the meeting, as well as representatives from CISAC (Mr Ben Ng, Regional Director) and IFPI (Mr KT Ang, Regional Director).

The Honorable Mr FK Ma, member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong SAR Government gave a welcoming address in which he acknowledged the contribution of the creative sector to Hong Kong’s cultural and economic prosperity, and championed the essential role that copyright protection plays in supporting creative output.

HKRRLS Chairman Dr. Sharon Wong and General Manager Kawai Shek attended the IFRRO Asia Pacific Regional meeting in Singapore in April 2019 to understand the latest developments on copyright protection and licensing scheme in other participating countries and to report the development on licensing and copyright law amendment in Hong Kong.

About IFRRO : https://www.ifrro.org/